Video Story of Star of the West Food Grade Soybeans



150 Years of Serving Food Quality Customers!


Star of the West has been providing food products to customers since 1869 with food-grade soybeans being a part of this since 1998.  Our focus on food quality and food safety is driven by consumer demand around the world.  We choose to work with specific growers who have experience in contracted food products such as soybeans, wheat and dry beans. All of this is driven by our desire to serve these global food customers.


Star of the West has a dedicated facility in Fairgrove, Michigan strictly for food-grade soybeans – no other crops are handled through this plant, reducing the risk of crop contamination.  We also have our own in-house agronomy division with 23 Certified Crop Advisers (CCA's) dedicated to working with our grower base in managing the safety and quality of our food-grade soybean crop to better partner with our customers and their consumers. 


We fully understand food quality and food safety concerns and utilize BRC (British Retail Consortium) annually renewed certification as a third-party auditor of such processes.  We employ complete processing logs throughout the entire flow of product through the facility, for every lot that is cleaned and shipped out of our facility.  Our goal is a food product, cleaning process, and personnel which are trusted by our customers.


We package our beans as defined by our customers, be it in bulk containers, bulk totes (500 kg, 2000 lb), 50# and 30kg paper bags.  We secure only food grade containers for our shipments, with complete documentation, including pictures of the containers upon arrival, while being loaded, and as closed up with proper seals in place.  We line the containers as well via full size cardboard liners, if so directed by our customers.


We partner with our seed suppliers as well with the intent to provide genetics and features of our soybean products as demanded by our customers, and again, ultimately by their consumers.  We listen to understand customer needs, and work with University and private company breeders to identify traits, genetics and varieties for such end product purposes.


Give us a call or email us and we would be glad to talk about your needs further and how we might be able to serve you as a partner in your business.